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Bathtubs vs Showers: Which is best for your bathroom?

Author: Lewis Goddard

Date Published: 22/08/2023

When deciding about your bathroom, only some features are as big of a deal as bathtubs and showers. Whether you're remodelling or designing an existing space from the ground up, deciding between a luxurious soaking tub or expansive shower enclosure can make or break the entire design. Which option is right for you when considering functionality, cost-effectiveness and maintenance requirements? In this blog post, Westside Bathrooms cover the advantages of both bathtubs vs showers and helps guide your decision so that you have exquisite results on any budget!

Overview of Bathtubs vs Shower Enclosures

Regarding bathroom renovations, homeowners' critical decision is choosing between a bathtub or a shower enclosure. Both options offer unique benefits, so it all comes down to personal preference and what you prioritize in your bathing routine.

A relaxing soak in a tub may be just what you need to unwind after a long day, while a quick drench in the shower may be more practical for those on-the-go mornings. In terms of visual appeal, you can't deny the luxury that a standalone bathtub brings to a bathroom, but shower enclosures offer greater flexibility in terms of space and style. Whatever your decision, weighing the insight provided can help you achieve the perfect bathroom.

Pros and Cons of Bathtubs vs Shower Enclosures

When it comes to bathroom design, choosing between a bathtub and a shower enclosure can be a tough decision. Both have pros and cons that should be considered before making a final decision. Bathtubs provide a relaxing way to unwind after a long day, and they can add value to your home. However, they can take up much space in your bathroom and may not be practical for smaller bathrooms.

On the other hand, shower enclosures can take up less space and are more suited to smaller bathrooms. However, they may not provide the same level of relaxation that comes with soaking in a bathtub. Regardless of your choice, choose the appropriate size and style that complements your bathroom design.

Considerations for selecting the correct type of shower or bathtub

When selecting the perfect shower or bathtub for your bathroom, there are many factors to consider. One popular option is the freestanding bath, which can make a stunning statement in any space. Alternatively, if you're limited on space, a sliding or bifold shower enclosure could be an excellent option for efficient use of space.

But what about the type of material? Will the bath or shower enclosure be sleek, modern acrylic or classic cast iron? Why not compromise and invest in a shower bath for smaller bathrooms? With so many considerations, it's essential to take your time and choose the right option that fits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

How to measure your bathroom for a bathtub or shower enclosure

Getting a new bathtub or shower enclosure can be an exciting addition to your bathroom, but first, you must ensure you have the correct measurements. If you need clarification on measuring your bathroom, it's always best to seek the assistance of a bathroom fitter or plumber. However, for those who want to tackle the task themselves, measure the width, length, and height of your bathroom. It's also essential to check for any obstacles that could get in the way of installation, such as pipes or electrical outlets. By taking accurate measurements and identifying potential barriers, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect bathtub or shower enclosure for your bathroom.

Cost comparison between bathtubs and showers

When deciding between a bathtub and a shower, the cost is often a significant factor that must be addressed. Regardless of personal preferences, sticking to a budget is crucial. Fortunately, Westside Bathrooms offers a wide range of options, making it easy to find something that fits within your desired price range.

Regardless of your budget, Westside Bathrooms have various bathtubs and shower enclosures available in all price ranges. Our bathtubs range from £210 to just under £1800, whereas our shower enclosures vary from £150 to just over £2150. With so many different options, finding the perfect fit for your bathroom has never been easier.

Can a bathtub or a shower enclosure devalue your home?

When it comes to home value, a variety of factors can come into play. And while the presence of a bathtub or shower enclosure can undoubtedly impact a potential buyer's opinion, it's not necessarily a deal breaker one way or the other. Ultimately, the value of your home is reliant on a host of different factors, from location to overall condition. That being said, if you're considering renovations or upgrades, it's worth noting that a high-quality shower enclosure or bathtub could undoubtedly add value, mainly if it's in line with current design trends and considered a desirable feature.

Ultimately, selecting the right bathtub or shower enclosure type comes down to personal preference and budget. Are you looking for a low-cost yet efficient solution? Then the bathtub might be right up your alley. Are you looking to keep your bathroom space open without crowding it with extra fixtures? The shower enclosure may be your best bet. In either case, measuring ahead of time is crucial to success, as is researching what others have said about the process.