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These British Made bathtubs provide the ultimate choice for your bathroom. Beaufort offers a complete selection of Single Ended and Double Ended Baths, with options for grips and shower screens to complete the look. The Beaufort Collection of baths is named after the Beaufort Wind Force Scale used by the Met Office, and you will find that all ranges are named after sea regions around the British Isles, including the Biscay, Portland and Malin. As well as standard baths, Beaufort offers Freestanding Bathtubs, and for a dual-purpose showering & bathing experience, why not shop the Beaufort Shower Baths?

See our blog post on Beaufort and Beauforté Reinforced Baths to find out more. Shop today for exceptional quality, ultra-strong and ultra-warm collections of an impressive array of size and shape options.

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Beaufort Baths in 5mm Acrylic or Reinforced Beauforté

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