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How to Save Water and Money with Westside Bathroom's Top 5 Water Saving Tips

Author: Darren

Date Published: 24/05/2023

Do you feel like the cost of living continually climbing? You're not alone. Many people strive to save money and budget much more heavily, but some essential bills can be hard to stay on top of — particularly water bills that skyrocket during the Spring and Summer months from increased use! But don't worry — here at Westside Bathrooms, we have five great water-saving tips to help cut down on your bathroom usage this season. Check out our top 5 ways to conserve while still fully enjoying your lovely loo. Follow our expert advice for a comfortable home life AND pocket-friendly prices!

The Five Top Tips to Saving Water in your Bathroom

1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

2. Take shorter showers

3. Install water-efficient fixtures such as an aereator, low-flow shower head, or replace your cistern

4. Fix any dripping taps or pipes immediately

5. Use a bucket to catch water while waiting for it to warm up before showering

1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save water. Furthermore, the cost savings realised from turning off the tap adds up over time. You can save gallons upon gallons of water over time, plus you're getting those pearly whites sparkling and helping to conserve resources at the same time.

Remember, the best way to clean teeth is not to rinse after you brush, again further saving water! Leave that toothpaste to its full effect, and protect those teeth! So the next time you reach for your toothbrush, remember to keep the tap turned off whilst you brush – every little bit counts!

This leaves us with just one problem, where do I put my toothbrush? Why not check out the range of toothbrush holders from Westside Bathrooms!

2. Take shorter showers

Firstly, when you take a shorter shower, you reduce the amount of water used. Depending on how long your showers are currently taking, this can make a huge difference in your total water consumption each month. For example, if you take 10-minute showers and cut them down to five minutes, that's a 50% reduction. That adds up to a lot of water saved!

Additionally, shorter showers can help lower your monthly utility bills. The longer the shower, the more hot water you use and the higher your bills will be. So if you cut down on your shower time, you'll be helping to save money on gas as well as conserve water resources.

Some of our Smart Digital Showers, like Aqualisa Q Showers allow you to connect your shower to your mobile device and monitor the time spent in the shower for you and your family, and therefore help in reducing water.

3. Install water efficient fixtures such as an aerator, low-flow shower head, or replace your cistern

Roper Rhodes Aerator

Installing water-efficient fixtures such as an aerator, low-flow showerhead, or replace cistern replacement is one of the most effective ways to reduce water consumption and save money. Aerators are designed to mix air with water, enabling it to flow at a lower rate without compromising performance. This helps to minimise the amount of water used over time and helps to reduce your monthly water bills. Low-flow showerheads are also designed to reduce the water flow rate, cutting down on hot water usage and helping to conserve resources in the process. Finally, replacing an old cistern with a new, more efficient model can help you save even more water over time, especially if the cistern uses less litres of water per flush and has dual flush options, allowing you to actively choose a shorter flush.

Westside Bathrooms has a huge collection of shower handsets, fixed shower heads, tap accessories (including flow regulators) and cisterns to help you upgrade and save water!

4. Fix any dripping taps or pipes immediately

Fixing dripping taps or pipes in the bathroom is a great way to save water and reduce utility bills. A single dripping tap can waste up to 70 litres of water per month, while a leaking pipe can leak up to 75 gallons per month. That adds up to an average of 145 litres of wasted water every month! By fixing these leaks, you can save money on your bills and ensure that your home is using water efficiently.

5. Use a bucket to catch water while waiting for it to warm up before showering

Did you know that you can save both money and water by reusing greywater in your home and garden? Greywater, which is wastewater from your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, can be repurposed instead of being sent back to the sewage system. Collecting greywater and redirecting it to your garden or lawn allows you to naturally water your plants without turning on the hose. Ideal for the areas of the UK that still have hosepipe bans in place after the particularly dry 2022. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it can also help you save on your water bill. So why not get creative and start finding ways to reuse greywater in your home? The possibilities are endless!

Conclusion on Water Saving Tips from Westside Bathrooms

All in all, these water-saving tips and techniques are a great way to save money this Spring and Summer and help preserve our valuable resources. It's important to remember that no matter how small the effort, your contribution can make a big difference. And while our current cost of living crisis makes it hard for many of us to invest in costly water-efficient fixtures, there are plenty of simple steps we can take that will still save us money and help increase the value of our homes. So don't wait until it's too late – start thinking about ways to save today!

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