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Types of ​Baths - Choosing the best Bathtub for your Bathroom

Author: Darren

Date Published: 29/01/2024

WestsideBathrooms showcases an impressive selection of bathtubs, each promising a blend of luxury and comfort tailored to your personal oasis. With our myriad options, from sleek, modernistic designs to timeless, classic shapes, we understand that choosing the perfect bath can be as indulgent as the soak itself. Our comprehensive guide is designed to elucidate the various types of baths—from freestanding to whirlpool—and provide you with actionable insights to help you select the bathtub that not only complements your bathroom aesthetics but also caters to your relaxation needs.

Standard Baths

As the cornerstone of bathroom designs, standard baths offer a no-nonsense bathing solution that embodies both function and grace. When we say standard, we point to every tub that is suitable for the average British home's bathroom. A comfortable place to wash away the day's troubles, relax, unwind, and soak. So whether you are looking for a standard straight bath, a rectangular tub, or a bath with grips to aid accessibility, standard baths cover it all.

Beaufort Standard Bath

Image: Beaufort Malin Double Ended Rectangular Standard Bath

Single Ended Baths

Single Ended Baths are the quintessence of practical elegance, offering a serene escape for solitary relaxation. Typically, these baths feature the waste and taps at one end, allowing for an uninterrupted soaking space at the other. At WestsideBathrooms, our selection encompasses a diversity of single ended baths tailored to compact urban flats and more expansive family homes alike. With choices ranging from ultra-modern acrylic builds to the more traditional enamel-coated steel, there's a single ended bath to serve as the centrepiece of every bathroom, delivering both luxury and everyday convenience.

Image: Beaufort Rockall Single Ended Rectangular Standard Bath

Double Ended Baths

Double Ended Baths exude symmetrical splendour, designed for shared bathing or for those who cherish extra space to unwind. With taps and waste positioned in the middle or at one side, these baths allow for lounging at either end, providing a balanced form that serves as a stunning focal point in larger bathrooms. WestsideBathrooms is proud to present an exquisite range of double ended bathtubs, from minimalist contemporary models to elegantly crafted traditional designs, each promising an unparalleled blend of style and spacious comfort to suit the distinguished tastes of our clientele.

Corner Baths

Corner Baths represent an ingenious solution for space optimisation in bathrooms that cannot accommodate larger fixtures. These units snugly fit into the corner, providing an elegantly curved or angled area to relax and immerse in comfort without comprising the room's pacing. Our range at WestsideBathrooms includes a versatile selection of corner baths, from space-saving options for the cosiest of spaces to generously sized models designed for luxurious, spa-like experiences. Whether your preference is a jetted whirlpool feature for therapeutic relaxation or a simple, sleek design for a modern bathroom, our corner baths are crafted to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your personal sanctuary.

Baths with Grips

Baths with Grips are a great choice for those who require additional safety and ease-of-use within their bathing experience. Designed with built-in handholds, these baths offer secure support for individuals with mobility concerns or for the elderly who desire extra stability when entering and exiting the tub. Suitable for any family looking to incorporate practicality without compromising on style, our baths with grips promise peace of mind without detracting from the elegant aesthetic of your bathroom. By choosing a bath with grips from WestsideBathrooms, you can enjoy the added benefit of enhanced safety, ensuring a comfortable and accessible bathing experience for every member of the household.

Image: Beaufort Twin Grip Single Ended Bath

Rectangular Baths

Rectangular Baths are a timeless classic in the realm of bathtubs, offering a straightforward geometric design that marries well with any style of bathroom decor. At WestsideBathrooms, our range of rectangular baths comes in diverse sizes, expertly accommodating the spatial dynamics of each individual bathroom. The average sized bath typically measures around 1700mm in length by 700mm in width, proving to be a harmonious fit for the majority of British homes. For those working with more modestly sized spaces, small baths may start from as compact as 1400mm in length, ensuring that even the snuggest bathroom can still offer the comfort of a full soak. On the other end of the spectrum, large baths can extend upwards of 1800mm, affording a capacious sanctuary for a truly indulgent bathing experience. Each size category is crafted with the highest standards, ensuring that comfort, style, and functionality are in no way compromised, regardless of dimensions.

Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool Baths serve as the epitome of indulgent bathing, introducing an extra touch of luxury to your personal bathroom retreat. Melding modern technology with therapeutic hydrotherapy, these tubs are equipped with powerful jets that gently massage the body, easing muscle tension and encouraging relaxation. The invigorating experience they deliver is not just beneficial for physical well-being but also promotes mental calmness, creating an oasis of tranquility in the comfort of your home. At WestsideBathrooms, our curated selection of whirlpool baths spans a range of styles and sizes to fit perfectly within the quintessential British bathroom, ensuring every soak is an exclusive, spa-like adventure. Whether it’s unwinding after a long day or seeking a meditative space for repose, the addition of a whirlpool bath transforms routine bathing into a sumptuous and restorative ritual.

Beauforté Rockall SE 1700 x 700mm 14 Jet Whirlpool Reinforced Bath

Image: Beaufort Whirlpool Bath

Shower Baths

Shower Baths blend the practicality of a shower with the comfort of a soaking tub, an ideal solution for bathrooms where space is at a premium. They are ingeniously designed to accommodate showering and bathing in one elegant fixture, offering a versatile bathing experience especially suited to modern lifestyles. Opting for a shower bath instead of a standard tub can maximise functionality without sacrificing luxury, allowing for quick, refreshing showers as well as leisurely baths, within the same footprint.

P-shaped and L-shaped baths reveal the innovation behind shower baths. The P-shaped bath, with its sweeping curved edge, provides a spacious shower area along with an indulgent bathing space. Its shape not only adds a stylish aspect to the bathroom but also presents additional room at the showering end, enabling one to move freely.

Kartell Oblique 1500x850mm LH P Shaped Shower Bath

Image: Kartell P-Shaped Shower Bath

In contrast, the L-shaped bath offers a clean-cut, contemporary design. This shape provides a defined rectangular showering area, while also retaining the full functionality of a standard bath. The straight lines and right angles are a perfect complement to modern, minimalist bathrooms. Both P and L-shaped baths often come with a fitted glass screen to protect the rest of the room from water spray, and sometimes with additional features such as integrated storage or seats.

Choosing between these two models typically comes down to personal preference and the desired aesthetic within one's bathroom. However, in either case, homeowners find that shower baths deliver the best of both worlds - efficient use of space, combined with the indulgence of a full bath.

Freestanding Baths

Freestanding Baths epitomise elegance and luxury, standing as a centrepiece in any bathroom. Unlike the built-in counterparts, a freestanding bath is finished on all sides and can be positioned anywhere within the room, providing ultimate flexibility in layout and design. These baths are composed of various materials, including acrylic, stone resin, and cast iron, each offering distinct benefits in terms of heat retention and durability.

Ideal for larger bathrooms, freestanding baths create a striking focal point and can command the space. They are also increasingly popular in minimalist, contemporary spaces where the bath can stand as a piece of art in itself. For smaller bathrooms, there are compact models available, but it's crucial to consider the clearance around the bath for ease of movement and cleaning.

Freestanding baths come in various styles, such as the classic roll-top and the elegant slipper bath. Roll-top baths have a timeless design, characterised by a curved edge, and usually sit on feet, which can be intricately designed for a traditional appearance. Slipper baths, on the other hand, have one end higher than the other, providing a comfortable backrest for a long, luxurious soak and adding a touch of vintage glamour.

Traditional claw-foot baths, another variety of freestanding baths, evoke the historical luxury of victorian-era bathing and can make a dramatic statement in the right setting.

Royce Morgan Chatsworth 1530 White Freestanding Bath

Image: Royce Morgan Freestanding Slipper Bath with Claw Feet

Such signature pieces often necessitate specific types of taps. Freestanding bath taps, also known as standalone taps, are commonly used for these baths, available in pillar, mixer, and handheld shower varieties. Wall-mounted taps or floor-mounted bath fillers are alternative options that complement the freestanding aesthetic perfectly.

Ultimately, a freestanding bath suits a variety of bathroom styles, from ultra-modern to classically traditional. It's important to ensure the bathroom floor is structurally sound due to the weight of the bath when filled, and access to plumbing should be considered, especially if the bath is positioned away from the walls.

Why choose your bath from Westside Bathrooms?

At Westside Bathrooms, our ethos is centred around customer satisfaction, ensuring an exceptional standard of both service and product choice. We pride ourselves on our wealth of experience in the bathroom industry, which allows us to carefully select high-quality baths that cater to every preference and need. With an extensive range of designs and sizes, our collection is meticulously curated to include only the best options suited to any bathroom aesthetic. Furthermore, our competitive pricing and dedication to a seamless shopping experience make Westside Bathrooms the unquestionable destination for those seeking to elevate their bathroom with a bath that combines luxury, comfort, and style.