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Lockdown and Bathrooms

Author: Westside Bathrooms

Date Published: 02/11/2020

As England heads towards Lockdown 2 later this week, and the government message of “Stay at home” has once again been shared with the nation to protect lives and protect our NHS, this coming month will once again see many people being at home for longer periods than normal.

Reflecting on the first national lockdown and analysing surveys, we can see how our lifestyle and living habits (our way of life) changed during the lockdown, especially with more of the nation at home during the day together. According to the surveys, the one room in the house that became busier and frequented much more regularly in the average day was the bathroom.

A survey was conducted by Westside Bathrooms between March and June 2020 to establish the changes in British habits during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Out of 736 people surveyed, 481 of these were Dads with children living at home. 425 of the Dads surveyed usually worked during the week but were furloughed or working from home during the lockdown. Out of the 481 Dads, an overwhelming 92% were spending more than an extra 45 minutes a day in the bathroom with most admitting that this is the one room they can escape from the kids (and their partners) and get some “me” time. 53% of those said they would spend longer hiding away, although it isn’t long before the kids or their partners are asking how long they will be? Or where they have been for all of this time?

Image from Shutterstock / Pixel-Shot

Whilst hiding away in the bathroom, the most common procrastinating activities that Dads said they are doing relate to the use of mobile phones. The survey identifies the top 5 use of mobile phones in bathrooms being:

  1. Social Media
  2. Reading the latest news
  3. YouTube videos/Music
  4. Online shopping
  5. Gaming

Since lockdown eased over the summer months and early autumn, it is no surprise that new surveys now show that many households have either started to refurbish their bathroom space or planning on a new bathroom installation as soon as they can. After many more hours of bathroom use, people from across the country have realised that their bathroom or cloakroom have become tired and require some updating.

From replacing bathroom accessories to installing new mirrors or cabinets. From replacing a shower to a new shower enclosure. These changes are from the subtle change of colour and lighting to a complete refit of bathroom furniture. To ensure you get the best service for any bathroom installations, be sure to ask friends and family for recommendations, or check out reviews online, e.g from CheckaTrade.

A spokesperson from Westside Bathrooms wanted to remind all people the importance of health & hygiene precautions (especially with Covid-19 and Lockdown 2 days away) adding “Do remember to sing Happy Birthday twice whilst washing your hands, and also remember to disinfect the mobile phone before leaving the bathroom to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (and other germs of course)”.

Images from Shutterstock / Jacob Lund