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The Q Collection of Aqualisa Showers

Author: Westside Bathrooms

Date Published: 13/10/2020

Introducing the Q Collection

Westside Bathrooms are proud to introduce the latest range of family safe, digital showers from Aqualisa - a leading brand within the shower & bathroom industry. This range is known as the Q Collection, consisting of three different named showers: The Optic Q, the Unity Q and the Visage Q - all with an abundance of features, centring around the latest in Smart Technology and Smart Showering.

What is Smart Showering?

To the full range of Aqualisa Q Showers, the concept means that your shower is WiFi enabled, and able to be controlled by smartphones and smart devices throughout your house. Do you have Amazon Alexa? or OK Google? If the answer is yes, then you can control your shower using voice commands - imagine saying "Alexa, turn on my en-suite shower?" whilst still laying in bed in the morning. No longer will you have to step into a cold stream of water, simply start the flow of water from your device and step inside the enclosure when the water is at the desired temperature.

Smart Showering also means the ability for data; with the Aqualisa App, you can track water usage, the duration of the shower and estimation on costs. For the top of the range model - the Aqualisa Optic Q - each member of the family can have their personalised settings and profile.

What is the Aqaulisa Optic Q Shower?

The Optic Q is the top of the range in the Q collection and consists of an Aqualisa Smart valve, Unique Q lever control and smart technology-enabled. The Optic Q makes the most out of Smart Technology, allowing personalised settings for all of the family. This thermostatic shower is complete with an abundance of features in a choice of  exposed or concealed fittings and options including adjustable showerheads, ceiling drenchers, wall-fixed drenchers and also a bath overflow filler.

What is the Aqualisa Unity Q Shower?

The Unity Q is built on the success of the popular Aqualisa Quartz shower, as a replacement and reinvented model. It features the benefits of Smart Showering as with the Optic Q (the use of Smart Devices to control the shower). The controller for the Unity Q provides push-button start/stop. The Unity Q doesn't feature the personalised settings that the Optic Q offers. This thermostatic shower is complete with an abundance of features in a choice of exposed or concealed fittings and options including adjustable showerheads,  ceiling drencherswall-fixed drenchers and also a bath overflow filler.

What is the Aqaulisa Visage Q Shower?

This model has ease of use in mind, whilst still benefitting from Smart Showering and being WiFi enabled with the ability to be controlled by Alexa and OK Google. The Visage Q is the simplest in the range to control. Also available with adjustable shower heads/wall fixed drencher in concealed or exposed options.

What is a Bath Overflow Filler?

The  bath overflow filler enables the control of the water flow to the bath from the Smart Shower Valve. Therefore, allowing the ability to remotely control the running of the water at the desired set temperature. Diverter options are available that allow for a dual-outlet smart valve and therefore enable the combination of both an adjustable shower head and a bath overflow filler in one single option. Why not ask Alexa to fill your bath for you?

We hope you agree - this impressive range is pure indulgence in modern showering & bathing.