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​The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Shower for Your Home

Author: Darren

Date Published: 26/02/2024

Selecting the right shower for your home might seem like an easy task, but it can have a significant impact on your daily routine and the overall look and feel of your bathroom. With a wide variety of options available today - from invigorating power showers to stylish Smart systems - it is essential to take your time and choose the one that suits your lifestyle and space the best. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the different types of showers available and provide you with the necessary considerations to make an informed decision for your home.

Knowing Your Options

Understanding the different types of showers available is crucial when choosing the right fit for your home, as each type offers unique features that cater to varying preferences.

1. Electric Showers

Electric showers are directly fed from a cold water supply and heat the water on demand using a heating element inside the shower unit. They are known for their quick hot water supply and can be installed in any home, regardless of the type of water system. This type is the most energy-efficient as it only heats what is used.

Aqualisa eMotion 9.5kw Space Grey Electric Shower

Aqualisa eMotion Shower

2. Mixer Showers

Mixer showers combine water from both your hot and cold water supplies, which is done through a mixer unit within the shower. These showers can offer a great range of temperatures and pressures, with some models including a thermostatic valve to maintain your preferred settings, making them a popular choice for households.

Aqualisa Matt Black Safe Touch Shower Column with Adjustable Head

3. Power Showers

Power showers are:

  • A more potent version of mixer showers.
  • Adding a pump to increase the water flow.
  • Resulting in a higher-pressure water stream, perfect for those who enjoy a more invigorating shower experience.

4. Smart Showers

Smart showers, the newest innovation, allow precise temperature control through digital interfaces or even smartphones. They can be customised to begin at your desired temperature, so your shower is ready and waiting when you are, minimising wasteful water usage.

Aqualisa Optic Q Exposed Smart Shower with Adjustable Head (Gravity Pumped)

Considerations for Your Selection

Selecting a shower is more than just choosing one based on its functionality. Here are the essential factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

1. Your Water System

The type of water system in your home is the primary determinant of the kind of shower you can install. For example, if you have a combi boiler or a high-pressure system, you have a wide range of options available. However, if you have a gravity-fed system with low pressure, you might need more choices.

2. Bathroom Size and Style

The size and style of your bathroom can have a big impact on what shower is best for you. If you have a small bathroom, you may need to consider the available space and whether a shower enclosure fits with the flow of the room. A larger bathroom could accommodate a walk-in shower or a spacious cubicle, but you'll still need to ensure it complements the space's overall style.

3. Ventilation and Tiles

It is crucial to have proper ventilation if you're installing a shower, particularly a powerful one that can create a lot of steam. This will help prevent dampness and mould. Additionally, consider the type of tiling in your bathroom. Porous tiles may not be suitable for a high-powered shower without proper sealing, and smaller tiles can be more difficult to keep clean.

4. Energy Efficiency

It's important to consider the energy efficiency of your shower, not just for the environment but for your energy bills too. Electric showers are often the most energy-efficient, but newer mixer and smart showers can also feature eco-modes and better water-saving technologies.

Redring Selectronic RSELP95P Premier Plus 9.5kW Thermostatic Shower

5. Longevity and Maintenance

Look for showers that are manufactured by reputable brands and come with reliable warranties. Additionally, consider the long-term maintenance; is it easy to clean, does it have anti-limescale features, and are parts readily available should they need to be replaced?

Making Your Decision

Equipped with the knowledge of the types of showers available and the factors to consider, you can now move forward confidently towards choosing a shower that's just right for your home. Here's how to ensure you make the best decision.

1. Research and Compare

Take your time to research different brands and models of showers. Compare their features, read reviews, and ask for recommendations. You might find that a specific brand offers a shower with the exact features you're looking for at a price that fits your budget.

2. Seek Professional Advice

If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to seek advice from professionals. Plumbers or bathroom fitters can provide valuable insight into the practicalities of installing a certain type of shower in your specific bathroom.

3. Stay within Budget

While you want a shower that meets your needs, you also want to ensure you're not overspending. Set a budget and look for the best quality shower within that range. Remember to include installation costs in your budget planning.

4. Remember the Installation

The installation process can vary depending on the type of shower you choose. While electric showers are generally straightforward to install, smart showers might be more complex due to their digital nature. Factor in the installation when making your choice, and ensure you have the necessary space and electrical/water hookups for the shower you select.

Choosing a Shower with Westside Bathrooms

At Westside Bathrooms, we understand the significance of a shower in the daily experience of your home life. Our range of showers caters to all needs and preferences, ensuring that you find a product that enhances your bathroom and transforms your routine.

Our guide is instrumental in helping you understand the critical aspects of choosing the right shower, and our vast product range stands ready to meet the standards we've just helped you set. Whether you're looking for a thermostatic mixer shower, power shower, or state-of-the-art digital smart shower, our customer-centric philosophy ensures that you will receive top-notch quality, comprehensive after-sales services, and competitive prices.

Choosing the right shower can be a transformative experience for your home. Take your time, do your homework, and make a decision that will leave you content with your choice for years to come. Your perfect shower is within reach, and the team at Westside Bathrooms is here to help you every step of the way.